Sea Salt & Good Health

Salt has had bad press over health concerns. Whilst this is in part true of industrial rock salt, there are many connections between sea salt & good health. This area is becoming more accepted and established. On this page we discuss some of the positive connections.

Salt is an essential mineral in the function of muscles and nerves, the regulating of the levels of bodily fluids and the management of blood pressure.  Too little salt can lead to serious health conditions including hyponatremia – the symptoms of which range from headaches to heart failure.

celtic sea salt

In regard sea salt & health specifically. Sea salt contains over 80 trace elements including: magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and iodine. Each of which is plays an essential role human health. For example, magnesium in cell and brain function, calcium in bone formation and iodine in cell metabolism.  

coarse sea salt crystals forming

Finally, sea salt with its trace elements has a stronger flavour and so less is needed to season our food.