Our story

Back in 2016, we were inspired to produce high quality natural sea salt without using gas or electricity. We began experimenting with sea water evaporation using only the sun and the wind. By autumn 2017, we had perfected our unique process of solar evaporated salt. Sun dried sea salt if you like. Since then, our story has continued to be one of environmental sustainability and innovation.


Our source is the famously pure waters of Whitesands bay. We collect the sea water, filter it and allow it to evaporate in our bespoke Tŷ Halen.

sun dried sea salt
Crystal clear water

After two weeks the process is complete and our sea salt crystals are harvested, by hand.

We’re committed to keeping our natural sea salt pure and unrefined; ensuring that the minerals naturally present in sea water are preserved in our finished product.
Ynys Dewi

The other main part of our story is you the customer, so please visit our online shop or buy from any of the fantastic delis on the stockists page. Halen Dewi will deliver the natural wonders of West Wales straight to your plate – both delicious and distinct!

Fish and child


We work with a few select local partners to create new products, share resources and good practice.